Linda Bentley, front, with members of her care team

After a subarachnoid hemorrhage stroke impaired Linda Bentley’s right side, she chose to come to Bridgeview Estates in Twin Falls, Idaho, for rehabilitation.


When Bentley arrived on May 28, 2019, she needed total assistance for walking and wheelchair mobility. She needed extensive assistance for bathing and dressing and moderate assistance for grooming, speaking, swallowing, standing balance and transfers (such as from a chair to a wheelchair).


“When I first got here, I couldn’t walk or talk – I couldn’t do anything,” Bentley remembered.


Physical, occupational and speech therapists made it their mission to help Bentley reach her functional goals. PT helped her with transfers, balance and bed mobility, getting her to a supervision level with a four-wheel walker for most of her mobility. OT worked on her activities of daily living, helping her achieve independence in dressing and standby assistance for homemaking skills like laundry and meal preparation. ST worked with her on swallowing and speaking, helping her go from thickened liquids and a puree diet to eating and drinking normally again.


“The therapy people have been really good,” Bentley said. “In therapy, I have been learning how to use my hand again. This experience has been eye-opening for me; I appreciate my body parts and take care of myself better now.”


Bentley completed her therapy program on Aug. 4 and moved in to an assisted living facility on Aug. 22.

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