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In 2016, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare announced it was offering mini-grants to long-term care facilities.


These grants were to be used to improve the quality of care/quality of life for residents through the use of technology. Eligible dollar amounts awarded would be contingent upon the facility’s licensed beds. Amounts available were up to $70,000.


Bridgeview Estates in Twin Falls was recently approved for a grant, much to the associates’ excitement, in the amount of $67,722.44.


Jeanne Hart, admissions director at Bridgeview, who applied for the grant, shared what happened when she found out.


“The original letter from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services took my breath away because there was a typo in the letter that stated, ‘the proposal may not be funded,’” Hart said. “But when I contacted the CMS contact, she told me her computer froze and she thought she had corrected the letter to read, ‘may be funded.’ So at that moment I was so excited it took my breath away a second time.”


The grant will allow for the purchase of the iN2L (It’s Never 2 Late) systems, adaptive touchscreen computers from which residents can access an extensive media library of more than 4,000 social, educational and spiritual content options.


“The benefits to our residents are huge,” said Hart. “The iN2L systems have an extensive media library, as well as games developed specifically for individuals undergoing cognitive decline. There is wellness content with exercise videos, fall prevention and strengthening programs, scientifically designed brain games and therapy content developed by the iN2L’s certified therapy staff. The systems are all touchscreen and interactive. Included is a flight simulator with joystick that has a realistic view of the cockpit. This system will improve person-centered care.”


The team at Bridgeview is eager for the crates of computers and equipment to arrive once the paperwork has been completed. The facility will have a 36-month subscription for all the systems, as well as support from iN2L via on-site trainings and phone support. The first training is scheduled for June 4.