Doris Guyer with Leanne Campeau, physical therapist assistant

Doris Guyer developed an infection that led to generalized muscle weakness and a fall at her assisted living apartment.


Thankfully, help was not far away.


Guyer, a resident at Bridgeview Estates’ assisted living community in Twin Falls, Idaho, came to Bridgeview Estates’ skilled nursing and rehab facility on June 21, 2019. When she arrived, she needed extensive assistance with bathing and moderate assistance with getting dressed. She also had difficulty getting around, including not just walking but also rolling over in bed and getting from her bed to a wheelchair.


Physical therapists focused on helping Guyer regain her mobility and regain lower-body strength for walking and transfers, while occupational therapists coached her through her self-care and grooming tasks.


“I have made the most progress with my legs getting stronger,” Guyer said. “My favorite thing about therapy is walking. I could walk a little bit at first, and now I can walk from my room to the dining room. Therapy has been a good experience.”


Guyer returned to her assisted living apartment on July 11 and continued making progress with outpatient therapy. She is now independent in her bed mobility, balance, hygiene and dressing. She is walking with a walker with supervision and only needs supervision for bathing as well.

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