Alicia Fort using the LiteGait with the help of Ramiro Hernandez, physical therapist assistant

When Twin Falls, Idaho, resident Alicia Fort underwent knee replacement surgery for her osteoarthritis, she knew where she was going to do her rehabilitation.


“I heard about Bridgeview’s therapy and the LiteGait® from a newspaper article,” Fort said. “I thought it could benefit me because I had trouble with my balance after my knee surgery and the machine could hold me up.”


The LiteGait is a piece of therapy equipment that facilitates effective, efficient training of posture, balance and walking on a treadmill or over ground while safely supporting the patient in a harness system so they cannot fall. Equipped with a computer system that monitors patient activity in real time, the LiteGait establishes confidence and improves gait biomechanics with a variety of orthopedic and neurological conditions. Fort used the LiteGait to retrain her gait and return to walking normally again after her knee surgery.


When Fort started outpatient rehabilitation, she walked leaning forward over her walker with uneven, audible steps and was at risk for falling.


“I have no fear of falling now and walk standing up straight,” Fort shared. “I have progressed from using the straps [on the LiteGait] to no straps. Since beginning therapy, I am walking with more stability, my balance has improved and I am using a four-wheel walker instead of my front-wheel walker.”


Fort has almost completed her outpatient therapy program. 

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