Judy Frazier using the NuStep® exercise machine

Judy Frazier was impressed with what she saw when she toured Bridgeview Estates’ skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility in Twin Falls, Idaho, before having a total knee replacement.


A friend of Frazier’s sister recommended the center, and Frazier chose to do her recovery there after her surgery. She arrived on May 21, 2019, needing moderate assistance for transfers in and out of bed, bathing, dressing and medication management. She needed minimal assistance with gait, bed mobility, standing balance and hygiene, and she also needed some help with safety awareness and problem solving.


Physical and occupational therapists worked with Frazier on increasing her strength and mobility, as well as balance, range of motion and self-care skills. They also helped her compensate for some of the deficits caused by her Parkinson’s disease.


“At my follow-up appointment, the orthopedic surgeon told me I was further along than she expected,” said Frazier. “After one week of therapy, she expected me to bend my knee to 90 degrees, and I achieved 104 degrees in her office! The therapy staff at Bridgeview is excellent! They are knowledgeable and friendly, listen to me and always tell me what to expect.”


After just two weeks of therapy, Frazier returned home to her husband, only needing supervision for a few things. She will continue her therapy as an outpatient to focus on improving her Parkinson’s symptoms, and she hopes to go camping and traveling soon.

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