Mary Sliman, seated, with Phomia Teefy, her daughter (seated) and (left to right) Lauren Jones, occupational therapist; Ramiro Hernandez, physical therapist assistant; and Macy Legan, speech therapist

Living on a continuum-of-care campus can be very helpful, as Mary Sliman recently discovered.


Sliman was living in Bridgeview Estates’ independent living facility when she had a stroke that affected her right side. When she left the hospital, she was in need of rehabilitation. She needed total assistance with walking, wheelchair mobility and self-feeding, as well as extensive assistance with most of her other mobility tasks and self-care skills. She also needed help with cognition, speaking, understanding communication and swallowing.


Sliman came to Bridgeview Estates’ skilled nursing and rehab center on Nov. 14, 2018, to start her journey toward regaining independence.


Physical therapy helped Sliman with bed mobility, balance and transfers, while occupational therapy helped her with her self-care tasks. Speech therapy did oral motor exercises with her and helped her with recall, word finding and swallowing.


“Everybody was very kind and treated me with respect,” said Sliman. “The therapists were very good and polite. Therapy went well.”


Sliman was at a supervision level for her hygiene tasks, sitting balance and self-feeding when she completed inpatient therapy. She had graduated from a mechanical soft diet (with textures such as eggs and cooked soft vegetables) with nectar-thick liquids to eating and drinking normal textures. She moved into the Bridgeview Estates assisted living facility on Jan. 15, 2019, needing minimum assistance with much of her mobility and speech.


A few times a week, Sliman continues her therapies as an outpatient, making the short trip to advance her progress further.